Saturday, 3 January 2009

Side Tracked

Last April I acquired an infection which caused an abscess on my spine leaving me a paraplegic. Although fighting my way back, I find my wonderful shop inaccessible at present so all of my projects remain on hold. I cannot think of any better therapy, both mental and physical to get back to the hobby I love. Until then I shall continue to read up on woodworking techniques, review some musical instrument history and share some older projects through this blog.

God save me from boredom!!!

For a Tutorial on how to build guitars please visit ThunderHouse Instruments web pages.

I realize a Blog is not the proper vehicle to display the projects below but it serves to divert my mind from boredom until I can rewrite my web pages.

My website is in dire need of updating as it lacks photographs to reinforce the verbal instructions. I hope to remedy this some time in the future. Until then I'll post some projects here.

(Under each project below, click on "Read More" to view photographs of each project. "Read More" only expands the projects to show photos and does not expand other short posts although the command appears)

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