Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Acoustic Bass Guitar

Another Unfinished Project: An Acoustic Flat Top Bass Guitar based on a Martin Design. Guitar is assembled but requires fingerboard, saddle and finishing and hardware. So close yet so far away.

* * *

Manual Bending of Guitar Sides on Bending Iron
(A Side Bending Jig was actually used)

Various Wooden Components of Acoustic Bass Guitar in preparation

Partially Assembled Parts:
Front Spruce Top Joined and Thicknessed with Soundhole cutout;

Joined Spruce Top Plate with Soundhole Cutout

(Soundhole cut with special cutting tool attachment on Dremel Tool)

Bracing Ribs Glued & Clamped To Spruce Top

Braces Trimmed with Chisels and Small Planes

Guitar Sides Glued and Clamped (Joined) at End Block

Sides at front Joined by Glue and Clamping to Neck Block

Excess Side Wood Chiseled away to reveal Neck Block V-Pocket
(Alternatively Dremel Tool could be used)

Side "Kerfed" Linings glued and clamped (high-tech clothes pins) to sides
(Linings provide strength and surface where to glue front and back plates.

Truing Surface of Linings with Small Plane

Truing Sides of back with Jointer

Glued Back being double checked for Thickness with Caliper Guage

Back Braces Glued and Clamped to Back

Routing Channel in Back for Decorative Inlay Strip
(Strip covers glue joint strengthening it)

Assembled Back& Sides

Spruce Top Placed on top of Assembled Back & Sides

Assembled Body with Neck in Foreground

Assembled Body (with some violin making tools on right)

Assembled Body showing Decorative Inlay Strip in Back

Binding Material (Coiled) with Dremel tool and Binding Channel Attachement

V-Joint Neck Attachment

Dremel Router Readied to cut Inlay Logo Pocket

ThunderHouse (THI) Logo Inlay Pocket Ready for Abalone Inlay

* * *

This instrument remains uncompleted until I can once again get back to my shop.

* * *